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Three Top Rated Dog Clippers

Andis ProClip Super 2-Speed
Buying a pair of dog clippers can seem like a great investment for any owner that is fed up of the cost of grooming and wants to have a go themselves. The problem is that there are so many products out there claiming to be the fastest, strongest, quietest and most effective clipper available.

The best options are the ones that are the most well-rounded with multiple benefits and scores of positive reviews. The trouble is that these promising models can get buried beneath the “cheap and cheerful” options.

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The following guide will take a look at three of the top rated dog clippers on the marker from three of the best, and most respected brands.

By comparing the three, you should be able to get a better idea of the similarities between the appliances, some of the key differences and some other important considerations to think about when buying a pair of clippers.

Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Dog Clipper

The first pet grooming clipper to look at here is one that is seen as a simple, all-round model from one of the leading brands. In many ways, this is quite a simple model because of its basic shape, the 2 speed motor and the 14’’ cord. On the one hand, this make the product accessible; on the other, there is a lack of accessories.

The reason that it is appealing to dog owners is that it claims to be “perfect for all coats” and comes with a number of additional sales promises with both owner and pet in mind. It is designed to be cool, quiet, easy to use and shatter-proof.

Andis ProClip Super 2 Speed

Another interesting element of this Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Dog Clipper is the idea that it is “virtually maintenance-free”. The drive cap is removable for easy cleaning and there are now vents to clog up with hair.

A large majority of buyers agree with most of these notions, and there are many positive reports about the ease of handling and the results of the blade.

There are owners creating decent cuts on toy dogs and others with minimal experience getting to grips with the thick coats of large working dogs.

The learning curve here is clearly pretty small and users quickly get over the fact that the product is heavier than expected.

The biggest problem seems to be the fact that the lack of ventilation has a negative effect on the heat produced. This is not the cool-running model advertised and does require plenty of blade oil.

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Dog Clipper

Oster Classic A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper
If the Andis model was appealing because of its all-round performance on different dog coats, the Oster A5 Turbo may seem a little alarming on first impressions. It is currently ranked at the top model in its class on Amazon, but that class is Horse Care Clipper.

The truth is that this model was designed for farming and livestock care, but the strength, quality and other benefits mean that there are plenty of happy dog owners using this too. Power is clearly a major selling point to this rugged-looking device.

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In addition to the universal rotary motor, this Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Dog Clipper provides over 4000 strokes per minute. This all suggest that the clippers are capable of a quick, effective cut and buyers say that it makes short work of thick coats like poodles, huskies and German Shepherds.

On the other side of the coin, there are complaints from toy dog owners who, unsurprisingly, found that these tough livestock clippers didn’t have the precision needed.

What makes this system even more interesting to pet owners is the fact that it also seems to have a gentler side. Like the Andis, it promises cool running for the safety of pets and also has an antimicrobial coating on the blade.

There are mixed reviews about the noise and heat produced, but many dogs don’t seem to be affected. Some see a little heat as the compromise for the quick, powerful action. This is not a great choice for nervous show dogs, but ideal for quick jobs on larger working animals.

Wahl ARCO Cordless Dog Clipper Kit

Wahl Professional Animal ARCO Cordless Clipper Kit
In many ways, this cordless Wahl model is the exact opposite of the Oster model above. Where that one was tough, rugged and imprecise for more basic needs, this one is designed for a clean, attractive cut on smaller animals. This means that it is pretty easy to handle to help with that precise finish.

This is a 5-in-1 kit, which means that it is able to do more than the basic cuts, and this means that it is the ideal choice for working around the face and feet of smaller dogs and getting a neater finish.

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This use on smaller, more nervous dogs means that promise of cool running blades and an “exceptionally” quiet operation are even more important.

This time it seems that the Wahl Professional Animal ARCO Cordless Clipper is able to live up to both claims very well and buyers are happy to use it on their pets.

This different approach meant that this dog grooming clipper has an entirely different look that will appeal to at-home groomers. It is cordless with a slim, good-looking body and weighs just 7.9oz. The handling of this model is pretty good, and even first-timer users are clipping difficult areas with ease.

The problem with this weight and design, however, is that the casing is nowhere near as tough as that of the other models. Many buyers have experienced breakages as the thin plastic housing cracks under the pressure of the motor. This means that the product may not have a long life.

Which of these options suits your needs the best?

These three top rated dog clippers basically showcase the best options in three different categories. We have the best all-round, no-nonsense clipper with the Andis model, the best option for large animals and thick coats with the Oster and the best option for small animals and show cuts with the Wahl.

Each product has its strengths in the most desirable areas, but there are also weaknesses. The Andis is user-friendly and accessible but basic. The Oster is fast and strong but heavy and imprecise.

The Wahl provides precision and a much quieter, cooler operation but is not very durable. The best option depends on your priorities when grooming, your confidence levels and most importantly – your breed of dog.

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Dog Clippers Buyers Guide

Choosing The Best Clipper For You And Your Dog

There is a lot to consider when buying a pair of clippers for your pet and you cannot choose a product purely on power, style or the fact that they are top rated dog clippers. The best approach when browsing the options is to put yourself into two different mindsets.

First, you need to think about the problem in the guise of the groomer. Second, you need to think about the problem as a concerned pet owner. Don’t forget that your pet’s experience with the clipper is just as important as yours, perhaps even more so. This dog clippers buyers guide will break these mindsets down into key issues.

Things to Think About When Buying Dog Clippers as the Groomer


The most obvious consideration when looking at a pair of clippers from your own perspective is the cutting power. How powerful is the motor? What is the RPM on the blade? Does the product have varied speed settings? From there, you need to consider the pros and cons of going for a corded or a cordless option.

A cordless is sometimes seen as the preferable option on small, fidgety dogs where a cord might get in the way. The problem is that cordless also means a battery that might run out of juice mid-session.

Check the running time of the device in user reviews and consider how long you will be grooming your pet. Don’t just rely on the word of the manufacturers.  Are you likely to spend a good hour carefully clipping a long, difficult coat for a show, or is this just for quick touch ups?

Wahl Professional Animal ARCO Cordless Clipper


The benefit of going cordless can be maneuverability, which brings up the important issue of handling. Not all clippers are built the same and some are more comfortable to handle for long periods of time than others. This comes down to three important aspects: the ergonomics of the shape, the balance and the weight.

Some of the powerful, heavy duty models can be a bit heavy. At the same time, make sure that a model praised for its light weight isn’t too flimsy. A strong, break-resistant casing can offer great protection around clumsy pets or against accidental drops.

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The Cut:

The final thing to think about from the human side of things is perhaps the most important of all – the final results that the device can offer. A clipper can be ergonomic, fast and tough, but if it doesn’t offer a clean cut or the ability to deal with matts, it might not be good enough.

As always, check user reviews to see how other buyers got on with the device. These reports can be helpful tools, especially if the reviewer has the same breed of dog and had been able to share some photos of the finished cut.

Oster Classic A5 Turbo Professional Animal Clipper

The performance is a lot to do with the power behind the blade and the quick cutting motion, but the system also needs a good blade and other accessories. Check to see what else is included in the box.

Does the product come with one basic blade or are there a series of blades included? Are there additional combs and brushes or any blade oil? The more that is in the box, the better prepared you will be.

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What about the canine mindset? What else is there to consider in order to meet the needs of your dog?

It is easy to just consider the buying process as a consumer looking for the faster, shiniest appliance for an efficient, good-looking result. The problem with this is that you may overlook the experience of your pet.

They have to sit there through the grooming process and be treated with these clippers, so they have to be pet-friendly as well as human friendly. The best dog clippers are the ones that tick three important boxes: there are quiet, gentle and cool-running.


The problem with some of these heavy-duty, fast paced appliances is that the rotations of the blade and the powerful motor can make a lot of noise. If you get an expensive model with the best cutting action and find that your timid pooch is too scared to go near them, it is a wasted purchase.

There are many top-rated models that now state that they are “whisper-quiet”. This can be a bit of an exaggeration, so it is best to read the consumer reports to see whether the dogs agree or not.

Andis ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper


At the same time, it is worth checking the specifications and reviews to see if the designers have made any attempt to reduce the vibrations created by the motor. The gentler the device feels against the body of the dog, the less they are going to feel and there is less chance of them freaking out.


The final consideration here is the heat generated by the blades. As the motor works hard to move the blades on the highest setting, it can generate a fair bit of heat. The concern for many owners is that this will transfer to the skin of the animal and cause distress, or even harm.

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As with the other problems mentioned here, notions of what makes a device too hot are subjective and some reviewers may be overly cautious.

If, however, there are scores of buyers saying that they needed to switch the device off halfway through to let it cool down, you may have to put up with the same issue. One way of combating the heat issue is to spray the blades and some of the best models come with oils and solutions to ease the problem.

Cover as many of these point as possible when choosing your new dog clippers.

A dog clipper may seem like a simple appliance – you switch it on and let the blades get to work on the dog’s coat until you get the result you want.

What this dog clippers buyers guide has hopefully shown is that there are a lot of other, smaller details to these products that can easily separate the bad products from the desirable ones.

Oster Classic A5 Turbo Clipper

Power is determined by the speed settings, motor strength and the presence of a cord. The quality of the cut is determined by the quality of the blades and extra accessories as much as the capability of the mechanics.

The handling is determined by the balance, shape and weight. Finally, the happiness of your pet during the process is determined by the noise, heat and vibrations produced.

The top rated dog clipper should be the ones that ticks every single one of these boxes, but be prepared to compromise to get the best deal. Consider what you want most from your clipper and work from there.

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